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The African American Racers Association (A.A.R.A.) was established to recognize and promote African American’s contributions (past, present & future) in motorsports. Additionally, emphasizing those businesses and organizations that exemplify equality within the sport. 

While the African American Racers Association (A.A.R.A.) highlights the accomplishments of African Americans in motorsports, we do not discriminate based on race, color, or creed. Our membership is open to ALL who share the mission of inclusion within motorsports. 

We pledge to empower racers, events, and businesses throughout our community to improve their chances of success. We provide guidance, feedback, and networking opportunities within and around our member base. Through our scholarship and education programs, we want to build and support youth awareness in motorsports, which will increase attendance & participation. 


African American
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Christopher Harris

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African American
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Christopher has over 20 years' experience with volunteering and creating grassroots programs in underprivileged communities. While attending Temple University in Philadelphia, Chris was a "Big Brother" at the local Big Brothers & Big Sister chapter. While living in Harlem, N.Y.C., Chris teamed with N.Y.C. Hip-Hop radio station Hot97 & its "Hip Hop Has Heart" Foundation. He spearheaded a Christmas program that gave gifts to underprivileged children who attended the Area 145 Daycare center on 145th street. Chris also co-founded an organization (Hands Helping Hands) that teamed with a local Boston Market & fed the homeless population in Harlem and Brooklyn. He would frequently volunteer his time at the Morgan Stanly Children Center of New York-Presbyterian Hospital in N.Y.C. and donate money to various organizations dealing with enhancing the welfare of children.  He has always been passionate about motorsports. He has run numerous organizations in the event creation space. He is formally the General Manager of Palm Beach International Raceway, the creator of the world's first professional roll racing sanctioning body (International Roll Racing Assoc.), and a consultant for numerous racers and race organizations in motorsports. The A.A.R.A. combines two of his greatest passions, Motorsports and grassroots social work.

Sinclair Gordon has over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. He initially began his career as a technician for a local Honda dealership. After several years of bloody knuckles and lungs full of brake cleaner, Sinclair's passion for the automotive industry got the attention of Yamaha Latin American. At Yamaha, Sinclair spearheaded the launch of Yamaha products in the Latin American and Caribbean markets. Following his years at Yamaha, Sinclair joined Stanley tools' Global Emerging Markets division that focused on automotive tools. Even though Sinclair worked in the automotive industry, this did not satisfy his hunger for motorsports. Ever since Sinclair could legally drive, he has participated in motorsports ranging from autocross to roll racing. At these motorsports events, Sinclair noticed injustices due to prejudice, which led to the desire to create the A.A.R.A.

Sara has 10 years of experience in media services. Her career began when she started working for her hometown newspaper, The Press-Enterprise, while she worked towards her BA in Political Science at The University of California, Riverside. Upon graduation, Sara interned in London for Women’s Health & Fitness magazine before working as a media relations manager for the National Hot Rod Association. Among her responsibilities, Sara handled on-site operation of the media center and organized and managed press conferences and driver tours. After two years, Sara became Public Relations Director for a championship drag racing team where she has been in charge of all aspects of the team’s public relations, social media, and publicity while collaborating closely with their marketing department. Sara works with established and up-and-coming athletes and organizations to help build their brands and further their professional reach.